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September 16, 2010

Last night we were watching an episode of PBS’s Super Why and they were talking about “growing up.” Lilah said, “What should I be when I grow up? . . . I know, an artist! . . . But, I’m already an artist. Maybe I could be a schoolteacher.”

I’m glad she sees that the world is full of possibilities for her. Before this last announcement (the first time she’s mentioned artist or schoolteacher) her most recent idea was to be the type of astronaut who does experiments with plants. That was suggested by the book Astronaut Handbook, which we got at the library a little while ago. (It may or may not have been because the drawing of the scientist-astronaut was a girl with a ponytail that kind of looked like how Lilah sometimes wears her hair.)

Also I like that she thinks of herself as “already an artist” – I totally agree. :)

If I were to speculate about future career paths for her, something that uses her love of words would not surprise me. The other day we had baby carrots with our dinner, and Greg had sliced a few of the bigger ones in half. Lilah said, “Look, Dad sliverized my carrots!”

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